Clean Eating

Nutritional Beliefs

I am closely aligned with keto but I don't believe in using sweeteners or sugar, even natural sources such as maple syrup, honey or xylitol. After finally ridding myself of sugar I don't believe in getting back in that sugar addiction racket.

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What We Offer

I offer sound nutritional advice from a Registered Dietician. I believe in no sugar/sweeteners, no grains and no refined or processed so called foods. What I do believe in is High Healthy Fats and strict to low carbohydrates (from vegetables). Fruit is seen as a treat once in a while and not part of my daily life due to the sugar content. I create my own Clean Eating recipes and "Clean up" the others. I will be posting my recipes for you to try out and enjoy.

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You Can Not Out-Exercise a Bad Diet

Because we are here for such a short time, let's be the healthiest we can. Exercise is important for a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles, improved mood and sleep ... but not to lose weight.

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My Message

After a near fatal and life altering motor vehicle accident, I was facing yet another surgery which would have been tantamount to the starting of my recovery and progress over.  It would have been my 6th surgery and I was determined not to return to a cast and wheelchair.  No amount of physio seemed to be rescuing me from this doom.  So I decided to look at nutrition.  I had begun researching how to achieve a more restorative sleep and the importance of nutrition was mentioned several times.  So I decided to try this new path.  I completely changed the foods in my diet - I became a Clean Eater.  Thirty days later, an X-ray reported that I was healed.  I was beyond elated.  A simple surgery was all that was left for me and a new approach to what I put on my plate had begun.  And so my life as a Clean Eater was underway.  There was much to learn, adjust and adapt but I knew that if I can survive that fateful day that almost took my life, I can change the way I eat.

This is me. I am here to show you the path to a healthier eating plan. My spouse and I discovered Clean Eating a year ago and it has made a massive impact on our lives. We are very strict with our plan but appreciate that you may come with different ideas for your eating plan. Strict or not, he and I are hoping to lead you to a healthier way of eating. We don't believe in diets but rather committing to a new lifelong nutritional plan.

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